Project Case Film 

Two to five minutes digest films that describe projects overview in a simple, understandable manner. The purpose of these films is to present cases by showing what motivated project members, what they did, and what they achieved as a result.


Regional Revitalization Training Center Project

In this project supported by Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, food-related producers from different regions gathered to devise new approaches and systems in cooperation.  Accompanying the project members, we recorded and visualized their progress. The above is the case film to convey the overall image of the project 


Guest House Project in Tono

Building a guest house with natural farmers. 

This project began to build a guest house where people could experience the nature-oriented lifestyle that had been passed down in Tono, Iwate. For the house material, project members led horses into the mountain and had them tow bunch of wood (this is Tono’s traditional wood collecting method called Bahan). This film was used as a case film which explained the project for crowdfunding.

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