TEZUTSU -fire flower town-

Documentary Short Film


Toyohashi, Aichi. Men in this town have made and ignited cylinders packed with fireworks for a few hundred years. Every year, even today, 18-year-olds to much older get together and work with fireworks for the Gion festival. In one year, we closely followed the town men from their preparation process to the very day of the festival and saw how their bond deepened through fireworks.

・Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018 オフィシャルセレクション(日本・東京)
・札幌国際短編映画祭2018 オフィシャルセレクション(日本・札幌)
・Greenwich Village Film Festival 2017 Best Short Documentary(アメリカ・ニューヨーク)
・Short. Sweet. Film Fest 2019 インターナショナルセレクション(アメリカ・クリーブランド)
・International Digital Film Festival Kinofest 2018 上映(ルーマニア)
​・Teatri di Vita “Cuore di Tokyo” 上映(イタリア・ボローニャ)
・YoFi Micro Fest 2019 / 7th Annual Yo Fi Fest Film Festival(アメリカ・ニューヨーク)
・cellu l’art Short Film Festival Jena オフィシャルセレクション (ドイツ・イェーナ)